Blue Seal Hay Stretcher Large Pellets, 50 lbs.


Hay Stretcher is a pellet with a nutritional profile similar to grass hay, but slightly lower in fiber and higher in energy. It may be used to replace up to half the hay in an animal’s diet on a pound-for-pound basis. It is suitable for horses, and other non-ruminants. Hay Stretcher is not fortified with vitamins or trace minerals and should not be used to replace grain in an animal’s diet.

The large pellet form slows consumption and promotes chewing and saliva production, thus reducing the potential for digestive upsets. The large form also helps prevent waste and is easy to handle.

Packaging:  50-lb Bag
Life Stage:  Adult, Breeding, Growth, Performance, Senior
Feed Type:  High-Fiber Forage
Feed Form:  Pellet

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