d-CON® No View, No Touch Trap, Pack of 2 Disposable Mouse Traps

by d-CON
With the unique and easy to use d-CON® No View, No Touch trap, you’ll never have to see or touch a dead mouse. Covered traps hide the dead rodents from sight and protect you while throwing them away. This discreet & effective covered trap completely and conceals the dead mouse. It is safer than traditional mouse traps- ideal for homes with pets or small children. Insert bait into bait compartment, twist to set, and place trap where you have seen mice or signs of mice.  There is no messy cleanup required.  Just watch for red indicator to know when a mouse has been caught, then dispose of the entire trap. If no mouse has been caught for 5 days, move trap to another location. Ideal for use in kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, pantries, and living rooms.
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