Electronic Mouse Trap, Victor

by Victor
Electronic Mouse Trap, Victor #M250S
This electronic mouse trap is designed to quickly kill any mouse that takes the bait, with a powerful 4500 volt shock that kills in 5 seconds. The smartcircut technology senses mice in the trap to trigger the shock, while beveled columns hold them in place for a 100% kill rate- no escapes. A patented 3 plate tunnel design with built-in safety switch, battery indicator, and kill indicator. Easy to use: simply bait, turn on, place & empty when the green light indicates a kill.
  • Lid design keeps hands away from the dead rodent when emptying trap
  • Patented 3-plate design kills 3 mice without resetting
  • Kills 100 mice on one set of 4 AA batteries
  • Safety switch deactivates trap when lid is open
  • Safe around kids & pets
  • Non-toxic, no poison
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