Revenge® Fly Catcher Ribbon- 5 Pack

by Revenge
  • Attracts & Captures Flies - These strips kill flies without poisons, sprays, or fumes. They land on the sticky strip and become stuck.
  • Indoor Use - Our traps are ideal for use in houses, garages, storage sheds, & areas where animals are kept.
  • EZ Grab Tab- The "EZ Grab Tab" allows users to unfurl our ribbons cleanly & easily from their tubes.
  • Thumbtack Included - Each strip of fly tape conveniently comes with its own thumbtack. This allows you to easily hang Fly Catcher Ribbons from the ceiling.
  • Easy Disposal - When full of flies, remove from the ceiling and throw ribbon into the trash. Clean up the non-toxic glue with peanut butter or vegetable oil.
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