Sweet PDZ Granular Stall Refresher, 40 lb.

A Better, Healthier Odor Removal Solution for Home, Yard, Stall & Litter Box

The source of Sweet PDZ’s benefits can be found in the earth. Sweet PDZ is developed from a pure and premium grade of natural occurring zeolite — an absorbent, odor-neutralizing mineral that comes from the earth, and as part of a natural, healthful cycle can be returned to the earth. Superior to any product on the market, Sweet PDZ creates a fresh-smelling environment in the most challenging settings, naturally. What Is Sweet PDZ?
  • Granular formulation, conveniently bagged and ready to use.
  • Organic certified, non-toxic and safe for handling
  • Captures, neutralizes, and eliminates harmful, smelly ammonia with no scents
  • Significantly better alternative to all lime products
  • Diminishes risk of equine respiratory issues, such as heaves and COPD
  • Multiple uses include household, yard, and industry
  • Economical to use
  • Easy and beneficial to dispose of on gardens, fields and compost
A Healthy Solution for Equine Respiratory Issues
There are few ailments in the world of the horse owner that are dreaded more than heaves, COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) now called RAO (recurrent airway obstruction), and IAD (inflammatory airway disease). All of these respiratory diseases affect your equine partner’s performance and compromise their overall health.

Challenges for Today’s Horse
Today, most horses and animals are stalled for long periods of time during the day and overnight. This can be a significant factor in the development of respiratory ailments and lead to exposure to ammonia, a leading cause of respiratory distress. Exposure to ammonia provides an easy access route for bacteria, viruses, mold, and parasites.

Good Health for You & Your Horse
Advancements in ammonia control now provide owners with a choice in how we protect our equine companions. By being proactive and providing your horse with fresh air to breathe in its stall, you are promoting an environment conducive to good health. Sweet PDZ captures and neutralizes ammonia and odors and safeguards horses’ health and promotes excellent stall and barn hygiene for all to enjoy.
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