The Better Rodentrap™, Intruder


The Better Rodentrap™ uses the same effective technology as the Better Mousetrap, only bigger. The largest rat-style trap available, the Better Rodentrap is sure to succeed against unwanted intruders in the garden, shed or yard. It features a built-in hook to tie or nail the trap down for security. The Better Rodentrap is the simple and effective solution for rats, gophers and chipmunks. The trap is reusable- it is as simple as rinsing & resetting. The trap is designed to cleanly suffocate rodents, meaning there is no exposure to blood or bodily fluids. The unique grooved tongue holds bait securely to guarantee a successful catch, and the trap holds the mouse tightly with 30% more force than most other traps. When emptying the trap, the bait tray lifts the rodent up and out for a “squeeze-and-eject,” "never-touch" disposal. Molded from tough, non-absorbent plastic it is environmentally friendly. Use this trap to control mice, shrews, small voles and similar sized rodents.

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