Down To Earth Fish Bone Meal, 5 lbs.


Down To Earth Bone Meal (3-15-0) is one of the indispensable soil amendments all organic gardeners should have on hand. It is a wonderful source of phosphorous and calcium for flowering plants, trees and ornamentals, and is also recognized as the ideal organic fertilizer when planting bulbs.

As one of the three macro-nutrients required by plants, phosphorous plays a critical role in both root and blossom development, which helps produce high-quality tubers, bulbs, corms, fruits and flowers. Phosphorus helps plants adapt to new soil by boosting root development, reducing transplant stress. Strong root development means plants will grow faster and be healthier because they can absorb more water and nutrients from the soil. They will also be better equipped to resist problems such as drought, insect damage & disease pressures.

Listed by the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI Listed) for use in organic production.

Guaranteed Analysis: 3-15-0, plus Calcium (Ca) 18.0%

Derived from: Fish Bone Meal

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