Command™ Clear Outdoor Light Clips, 16 Clips & 20 Command Strips

by 3M
Warm up your exteriors, damage free, with Command Outdoor Light Clips by 3M. Outdoor Command Clips let you hang Christmas lights, rope lights, decorations and more where you want without tools or nails. Command Outdoor adhesive holds strongly through rain, snow, and extreme temperatures on smooth, finished surfaces, and these string light clips remove cleanly with no sticky residue or damage left behind. Make everyday, spring patio, and Christmas decorating fun and easy with Command Outdoor Light Clips.
  • ONE LIGHT CLIP FOR EVERY TWO FEET OF LIGHTS: One package of the Command Clear Outdoor Light Clips includes 16 clear hooks and 20 small water-resistant Command Strips; use one light clip for every two feet of lights
  • NO TOOLS: Water- and UV-resistant, these light hooks hold strongly through rain, snow, sleet and heat to let you hang lights inside or outside without the hassle of tools and nails
  • WORKS ON A VARIETY OF SMOOTH OUTDOOR SURFACES: Command Light Clips bond to doors, flat vinyl siding, soffits, finished fences, tile, painted cinder block and windows
  • SURFACE PREP: Clean with a dry cloth to remove dirt and debris to allow the Command Light Clips to bond to the surface; holds strongly in outdoor temperatures between -20 degrees Fahrenheit and 125 degrees Fahrenheit
  • USAGE TIPS: Not recommended for use on rough surfaces, such as brick, cement board or rough-sawn wood; wait 1 hour after wall hanger installation before hanging lights; do not use to hang valuable or irreplaceable items
  • EASY CLEAN REMOVAL: Lightly hold the top of the wall adhesive strips and slowly pull straight down towards the ground to remove the Command Outdoor Light Clips from your indoor and outdoor surfaces to prevent surface damage
  • DAMAGE FREE HANGING: Clear light clips work without leaving holes, marks or sticky residue on a variety of smooth surfaces and remove cleanly when you want to redecorate
  • REUSE WITH REPLACEMENT STRIPS: Reuse your hook and hardware again by purchasing small water-resistant Command Replacement Strips
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