Fatwood Firestarter 10 Lb. Box


Harvested from the trunks of lumbered pine trees where the combustible sap concentration is highest. This all-natural fire starter is an eco-friendly choice that has no chemical or petroleum fuels, lights with only one match, and creates a sustained flame. Two sticks are enough to start a roaring fire.

Made with 100% all natural pine wood hand split into approximately 8in lengths. Unlike most other fire starters, Fatwood is ideal for any indoor or outdoor situation. There’s no spilling, no odors, no chance of flare-up and no dangerous toxins to breathe. It’s safe and clean and Fatwood has an indefinite shelf-life. You can use it to start your backyard grill or your indoor fireplace safely and easily, even when wet! So leave the kerosene-soaked products, the smelly fluids and the sawdust composites to the other guys. When you’re ready to put your fireplace, chimenea, grill or pellet or wood stove into action, grab two sticks of all-natural Fatwood. That’s all you’ll need.

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