Dalen Mow-Over Tree Stake Kit

by Dewitt

Protect trees for easy mowing without trimming around stakes. The ropes are attached to pins, which are inserted into a hole in the top of the stakes, which are driven flush with the ground. The pins easily slip in and out of the holes in the stakes. The Mow-Over tree stake system allows you to easily remove the ropes from the stakes to eliminate the need for trimming around them.

  • Easy to use
  • Protects young trees from wind & storm damage
  • Supports straight tree growth
  • No trimming around stakes
  • Complete kit

Note- Follow the instructions included with the product. The ropes should not be pulled tight. The tree needs to be able to sway in the breeze in order to gain strength. The ropes should be loose enough to allow several inches of bending, but not so much that damage can occur or roots be displaced. Also, very small short trees and larger trees with a large root ball do not need to be staked unless they are planted in an area with high winds. Otherwise, staking trees helps to protect against wind damage or root disturbance.