Fast Acting Gypsum, 25-lbs


Earth Science Fast Acting Gypsum® starts working immediately to loosen clay and other compact soils, creating a better environment for plants to thrive. The result is improved water penetration, more workable soil, and better root development. This fast-acting product also includes Earth Science’s patented Nutri-Bond Technology™, which bonds with the soil to help keep more product where you put it. That’s better for the environment and helps your lawn or garden get the most out of every application. As a result of Nutri-Bond, 1 bag of Earth Science Fast Acting Gypsum® does the work of up to 4 bags of regular gypsum.

  • Less Dense Soil = Better Growth- Loosens clay and compact soils to promote growth
  • Better for Roots- Improves water penetration and root development
  • Repair & Improve- Helps repair salt damaged soils
  • Includes Nutri-Bond Technology™- Reduces nutrient run-off and waste
  • Easy Application- Apply quickly with any spreader
  • Safe for Grass- Safe to use on any grass type
  • People & Pet Safe- People and pets can use the lawn immediately after application
  • Coverage- 25 lbs. treats 2,500 square feet

For more information about how Gypsum works to improve your soil, check out this article.

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