Mr. Bird Bugs, Nuts & Fruit Seed Cake- Small

A delectable feast for an amazing variety of birds! The Mr. Bird Bugs, Nuts & Fruit Seed Cake contains loads of mealworms, pecans & other nuts, sunflower hearts, cranberries & other fruit. There is nothing else that will attract a greater variety of birds! With the nuts and fruits that so many birds love, mealworms for your insect-loving friends, and a no-mess formulation you can enjoy less cleanup and more time watching the birds. It is designed not to melt, making it great for year-round bird feeding.

Offer the cake in a suet feeder or on a platform feeder, where it can’t be kicked all over the place like loose seed can. Also has a small hole in the center for use on a stacking-style feeder. This compact cake lasts a long time and attracts loads of birds.

Dimensions: 4.5" x 4.5" x 1.5
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