HomeoVet Avian Wrm Clear, 15 ml.

HomeoVet Avian Wrm Clear can aid in and support the removal of tapeworm, roundworm and eyeworm. WRM Clear does not kill the worms but can help the animal’s own immune system remove them from the body. May also aid in recovery from worm effects and detoxify from effects of conventional products. Natural pet medicine, no food withdrawal required.

Symptoms of worm infestation may include:
  • Loss of weight – reduced egg production
  • Worms in droppings or eggs
  • Loose stool or abnormal droppings
  • Gasping for air – head shake
Benefits of Avian Wrm Clear:
  • No known side effects
  • May be used for chicks, pullets and layers
  • Treatment and preventative
  • Great value, up to 90 doses per bottle (depending on weight)
  • Easy liquid dosing medicine
About HomeoVet Avian products:
Specifically for hens, chickens, domestic and exotic birds, only safe, gentle and natural ingredients are used in our formulations. Like all medicines in the HomeoPet and HomeoVet product lines, these products are easy to administer and can be safely combined with each other or other HomeoPet or HomeoVet medicines. They can equally be administered alongside other medications or supplements. 
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