C&S Squirrelog with Hanger

by C&S
This is a great kit for anyone wanting to keep the squirrels away from the birdfeeders. Durable, Easy to install and refill, and affordable - the C&S Squirrel Log Hanger offers a convenient way to keep squirrels busy. The tasty treat made specifically for squirrels screws into a tree or fence post with enclosed metal hanger, and each Squirrelog replaces 12-24 ears of corn. A Sweet Corn Log is included with Hanger. Refills are available in packages of two, with a hole pre-drilled to fit on the feeder. Unlike other squirrel feeders, the Squirrelog feeder keeps the food source secure so you can watch as they snack. Fun for all ages, and a great way to help deter squirrels from your birdfeeders - get a Squirrelog feeder for your yard today or give it as a gift!
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