Annadale Glazed Ceremic Pot - Celedon Green


Since 1977, gardeners have turned to Southern Patio® planters for innovative, beautiful planters. Over the past four decades, they have helped lead the industry through its evolution from simple, affordable poly pots to today’s innovative materials and designs. Their planters today feature cutting edge, lightweight materials that mimic expensive natural finishes while being easier on the planet. They feature enhancements to promote plant health and make maintenance easier. That’s why gardeners continue to trust Southern Patio® planters. 

The Annandale Planter offers a touch of fun and elegance with a classic bell-shaped design and a detailed eye-catching pattern. The celadon green glaze is subtle yet provides a light pop of color to brighten up any room. Made from traditional ceramic, this planter provides superior quality. Featuring an attached saucer to catch excess water and rubber pads on the bottom to protect surfaces, it is an ideal planter for indoor settings.

  • Ideal for house plants
  • Made from ceramic for superior quality
  • Includes rubber pads on bottom to protect surfaces
  • Features an attached saucer to catch excess water
  • 6" Diameter x 5.4" High 
  • 8" Diameter x 6.7" High
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