Buck Lickers Sweet Corn Deer Block, 4-lbs


Each of our flavored mineral blocks contains an extra punch of calcium and phosphorus that will keep deer, elk and moose happy and healthy. They’ll lick it till there’s nothing left, and keep coming back to search for more.


  • Sweet corn & molasses flavored mineral block with added calcium and phosphorus
  • Irresistible sweet corn aroma attracts over long distances
  • Time releases for long-lasting power
  • Saturates into soil when it rains
  • Works year-round
  • Won't wash away
  • Ready to use; no mixing required
Site Selection Tips
  • Select a shaded area near active deer crossings
  • Sandy soils will leach minerals sooner than heavy clay-type soils
  • Allow for a total site diameter of 10 feet
  • Create two sites per 100 acres
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