Central Coast Garden Products pH Up 32oz.


Control pH levels, minimize problems and maximize your plants’ full potential with Central Coast Garden Products’ pH Up adjuster 0-0-35. PH levels outside recommended ranges can lead to nutrient lockout and nutrient deficiencies resulting in stunted growth and poor appearance. Maximum Strength pH Up consists of a 75% concentrated potassium hydroxide solution that quickly raises pH levels with its gentle, but very strong formula. Perfect for commercial reservoirs.

Start out with .25 milliliter per gallon. Wait 5 to 10 minutes, and test your water again. If needed, use .25 mL of pH Up to adjust the pH to a favorable range. You may need additional pH Up if you have hard water. Use pH Up to maintain the optimum pH level.

Contains potassium hydroxide. Only add pH UP directly to water or nutrient solution. See product label for detailed precautionary and first aid information.

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