Clay Bulb Pan, 8"

by Deroma

The Deroma clay bulb pan planter is all natural, UV resistant and eco-friendly. It is similar to a standard clay or azalea pot but somewhat shorter and wider. It makes an excellent choice for shallow-rooted plants, small arranged mixed plantings, succulent gardens, small herb gardens and more.  Use pebbles in the bottom to create a perfect container for forcing spring flower bulbs. Using varying size pots adds dimension & interest to your plant collection. Classic terra-cotta clay by a quality manufacturer. Includes a drain hole for healthy plants. Use with a saucer for indoor plantings.

8" diameter x 4.26" tall - 25210FZ

Terra Cotta is Good for the Environment and for your Plants!
-Natural eco-friendly product
-Made from clay harvested from the earth & fired in a kiln
-The most natural medium to plant in, other than planting directly in the earth
-Allows soil to receive lots of oxygen
-Naturally balances pH & root zone temperature
-Porous material allows moisture in & out