Clay Pot Feet, Terra Cotta - set of 3

by Deroma

These Deroma clay planter feet are all natural, UV resistant and made in Italy. Use them to elevate your clay pot off the deck, porch or patio. In addition to making your planters look nice, lifting them a bit will help prevent excess water from building up in the container, improve air circulation to the root zone, and help prevent stains on your surfaces. These pot toes also help deter insects from nesting under your pots.

2" x 1.5" tall, set of 3

Terra Cotta is Good for the Environment and for the Plant!
-Natural eco-friendly product
-Made from clay harvested from the earth & fired in a kiln
-The most natural medium to plant in, other than planting directly in the earth
-Allows soil to receive lots of oxygen
-Naturally balances pH & root zone temperature
-Porous material allows moisture in & out

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