Cobble Hill 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle, Fly Fishing


It doesn't take a human for Fly Fishing to happen! A gorgeous bald eagle quickly swoops down from the sky to snatch a fish from the water without hesitation. The detail of light and colors in the water creates a great sense of tranquility being disrupted while nature does with it does best - live and breathe! In the background, one can see another eagle seeking its own catch near the waterfalls.

Each and every puzzle from Cobble Hill is made in the USA and crafted to museum-quality standards using the finest inks and varnishes. Cobble Hill Puzzles feature linen textured paper and premium grade blue board and use 100% recycled chipboard. The pieces are random-shaped, which means no two pieces are alike, making them more interesting to assemble. Includes full-size reference poster.

Assembled Size: 26.625" x 19.25"
Artist: Hayden Lambson

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