Coleman 100 Max Mosquito Repellent DEET Insect Repellent Spray, 4oz Pump Spray

by Coleman
Coleman 100 Max is the longest-lasting DEET protection available, with up to 10 hours of protection. Repels Mosquitoes, Chiggers, Biting Flies, Gnats, Ticks, Black Flies, Fleas, Deerflies, Stable Flies, Flies, and No-See-Ums.
  • The most concentrated insect repellent you can buy with 98.11% DEET
  • The low odor formula provides up to 10 hours of protection
  • For adults and children, do not use it on infants
  • Ingredients:
  • DEET 98.11 %
  • Other Ingredients 1.89 %
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