Comfort Zone Multi-Cat Pheromone Refill, 1.62 oz. - 2 pack

Comfort Zone products release a drug-free, odorless vapor that mimics a cat’s natural, calming pheromones to signal to your cat the area is familiar and safe. When your cat feels less stressed, he or she is more likely to reduce stress response behaviors like scratching and urine spraying. If your household is struggling with cats acting mean and attacking one another, your cats may be responding to stress. Comfort Zone's Multi-Cat Diffuser can help restore harmony to your home.
  • Use for calming, and to help reduce multi-cat tension & conflict, urine marking, destructive scratching
  • Recommended for multi-cat homes, adding another cat into the home, not enough shared resources
  • May help to reduce urine marking, limit destructive scratching
  • Each bottle lasts up to 30 days
  • Use with your Comfort Zone Multi-Cat Diffuser
  • 100540201

Contains two 48 mL bottles of the pheromone fluid. 

For single-cat homes, consider the Comfort Zone Calming Diffuser.

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