Contour Double Door Wire Dog Crate, Assorted Sizes

by MidWest

Contour Dog Crates, featuring exclusive LapLock Technology, provide a personal, den-like space for dogs and serve as a perfect tool for housebreaking, puppy training, and travel. LapLock Technology creates multiple lock points on the perimeter of the door for added security, combined with safe and easy-to-use slide-bolt latches. The doors also feature low thresholds and large openings, allowing pets to easily enter and exit the crate. Contour Crates set up in seconds and fold down flat for storage. The included divider panel can be used to adjust the living space for a puppy, and the durable, leak-proof plastic pan can be removed for cleaning. Contour Double Door Dog Crates come in several sizes, designed to fit your dog just right.

Available in 5 sizes:
24" For small dogs      18 W x 19 H x 24 L
30" For medium dogs 19 W x 21 H x 30 L
36" For medium dogs  23 W x 25 H x 36 L
42" For large dogs       28 W x 30 H x 42 L
48" For large dogs       30 W x 33 H x 48 L

To learn more about Contour Dog Crates by MidWest, check out this video.

Wire crates provide essential visibility and ventilation, giving pets a place in which they can feel secure without feeling isolated. Plus, wire crates are easy to clean and often foldable for transport and storage. That makes them really convenient for pet parents.

Wire crates from Midwest feature divider panels that allow the pet parent to select one crate that will “fit” their pup from puppyhood to adulthood – no need to purchase larger and larger crates as they grow! Learn how to install the divider by watching this video.

For more helpful information, check out these videos on assembling your crate and basic crate training.

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