CowPots Biodegradable Seed Starting Pots, 3" Round 12-Pack

by CowPots

CowPots are the "Pots You Plant!"

The natural alternative to plastic pots, CowPots are made from recycled, renewable, composted cow manure. CowPots are 100% biodegradable. That means, there is nothing to throw away. Every pot is designed to allow for root penetration so when it's time to transplant, you never crush or tear the pot wall, leaving the tender roots intact. CowPots continue to benefit your plant and soil as they decompose in the garden. 

3" Round Pots: The round pot allows for better ventilation and air circulation between pots, advantageous to longer term durability. This size is preferred for seed starting of herbs, vegetables or other annuals that will be used for stepping up to larger planting containers or direct transplants to garden.

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