Dairy Dirt Lawn Fiber Seeding Mulch & Soil Nutrient 2 Cu. Ft.


Promote higher grass seed germination rates and healthy lawn growth with Lawn Fiber by Dairy Dirt! 100% solid dairy manure digestate promotes lawn growth by improving water retention and supplying valuable slow-release nutrients to the soil. Unlike straw, Lawn Fiber biodegrades, so no removal is necessary.

A Sustainable Alternative to Traditional Lawn Products

  • 100% solid dairy digestate from Vermont farms
  • Promotes higher germination rates & healthier lawn growth (vs. peat moss or straw)
  • High levels of organic matter help improve soil health
  • Boosts water retention
  • Biodegrades so no removal is necessary
  • Sustainable alternative to peat moss

Made in Vermont with Climate-Friendly Recycled Nutrients

  • Made from 100% processed dairy manure from Vermont farms
  • Lowers carbon footprint of local farms
  • Improves farm sustainability
  • Directs recycled nutrients for reuse on your lawn
  • Produced domestically, 365 days a year

Directions: Spread evenly over new grass seed appoxmiately 1/2" in depth.