Deluxe Memory Foam Orthopedic Gusseted Pet Mattress, AKC - Assorted Colors

by AKC

Dogs need their own space, and it should be cozy and inviting for them. This deluxe memory foam pet bed can make your pet's crate, kennel, or dog house more comfortable and homey. Or use it on the floor in a cozy corner, next to your bed or near the couch to give pets their own personal space that is still close to you. Great for use in your car to give your pet a special, comfortable place to sit.

Made with a firm supportive orthopedic base to support your pet's comfort and wellbeing. 4" gusseted sides add stability and depth while filling expands up to 10" or more in the center, for a plush, luxurious feel. It comes in assorted colors to match your home's décor. 40" x 30" x 4"


This product comes in assorted colors. If purchased online, the color will be selected at random.

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