Perky-Pet Diamond Wine Top-Fill Glass Hummingbird Feeder

This pretty hummingbird feeder features an innovative design that allows for easy, mess free filling from the top of the feeder- no flipping it over! The colorful, diamond-cut glass wine bottle holds up to 24 oz. of sweet nectar, which your birds can access from 5 Hollyhock-inspired ports. The ports are soft and flexible for a natural feel, and are designed to keep bees out of the nectar. The base of the feeder includes a gasket to prevent leaking, but is easy to take apart for regular cleaning. This modern-looking hummingbird feeder adds a bit of color* to the landscape, while attracting your favorite tiny winged visitors. #9102-2

Dimensions: 10.5" tall x 5.25" round
*Color varies - red or purple
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