Dramm Touch‘N Flow 9-Pattern Spray Nozzle, Assorted Colors

by Dramm
Wash your car, boat, dog or horse. Clean your deck and sidewalk. Water your flowers and young trees. The nine-pattern revolver spray gun aids in any outdoor function involving water. The nine patterns include: fan, cone, center, jet, mist, soaker, flat, angle, and shower. The lightweight revolver has an ergonomic insulated grip. The revolver is constructed with heavy-duty metal. Comes with a lifetime guarantee to the consumer and is available in six bright colors that won’t get lost in your lawn. Makes a great gift! 
  • Easily switch between water flow selection with the quick-change feature
  • Ergonomic insulated grip
  • Great multi-purpose spray gun- move from cleaning to watering with just a twist!
  • Made with heavy-duty construction
  • Zinc, Brass, TPE Rubber
  • Water pressure rating: Min: 20 psi — Max: 90 psi
  • Made in Taiwan
If ordered online, color will be seleted at random.