Dual Compartment Mesh Bird Feeder, Perky Pet

Dual Compartment Mesh Bird Feeder, Perky Pet #TSS00349
This versatile bird feeder allows you to offer two types of seed at once, maximizing turnout at the feeder! One of the two individual compartments is designed for Thistle/Nyjer seed or finch mixes, and the other is designed for mixed seed or Sunflower. The combination of the circular seed tray & mesh surfaces makes this feeder ideal for both clinging and perching birds, so you can take care of all of your feathered friends!
  • Powder coated all metal construction resist squirrels, weather & damage
  • Sure-Lock cap tightly secures lid to keep squirrels out
  • Built-in drain holes keep seed fresh & dry
  • Holds up to 2.85 lb of mixed seed or 1.10 lb of Sunflower plus 1.75 lb of Thistle/Nyjer
  • Dimensions: 12" high x 7.5" round
*Feeder color may vary