FARMYARN® Multipurpose Garden & Craft Tie Bobbin, 82 ft.

FARMYARN® is an elastic twine made from 100% post-industrial recycled textile selvages containing Lycra. Selvages are textile waste - the very edge strips of fabric thrown away in garment production. We recycle these selvages to reduce waste worldwide. FARMYARN® is completely multipurpose and can be used for almost anything a stretchy string is needed for! FARMYARN is reusable, machine-washable and weather-proof!

Use indoor/outdoor for:
  • KIDS - crafts, costumes, fort building, needle arts, weaving, school projects, jewelry, hair ties, headbands, shoelaces & more!
  • GARDEN - trellis, tie, stake, hang, cordon, bundle, tomatoes, peppers, berries, trees, peonies, climbing flowers & more!
  • HOUSEHOLD - holiday decorating, gift wrap ribbon, utility projects, indoor plants, sewing, crafting & more!

NOTE: This product is made from 100% recycled synthetic textile selvages (waste). Each bobbin of FARMYARN® is as unique as the selvage it is made from. As such, variations in edge trim, width, texture, fabric content, color shades, type of knit and amount of stretch will occur. In addition, small knots or stitches may be present where selvage lengths are joined together to meet the yardage requirement per bobbin. This is an inconsistent product by nature and we can not guarantee that all bobbins in your order or reorder will be the same. Photos of product are representative only to show possible color shades and yarn textures. All monitors are different, so actual colors of product may vary from what is seen on screen. Minimal residue from packaging adhesive may be present on some yardage. This is unavoidable and remedied by washing the yarn by hand or machine. FARMYARN® is a registered trademark, patent pending.

Each sold separately. When ordering online, color will be selected at random.


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