Giving Angel Ornament, Assorted


Each of these beautiful upcycled ceramic Angels comes in its own drawstring bag with a sentiment stamped on front. Inside you'll get a printed giving card, explaining the significance of the Angels and the Sentiment you choose. Angel is perched on a stamped handmade banana paper card, which you can write on or leave blank. It's a lovely giving a big safe hug to someone you love! The receiver can hang it on their wall, car mirror, or keep it in their purse for a constant reminder.

Each angel is handmade in Haiti using broken pieces of ceramic plates found locally & beads made from clay sourced in the mountains nearby. This creates living wage jobs for amazing women working hard to provide for their families. Each angel reminds us that where one story ends in brokenness a 2nd Story awaits!

Available in the following Sentiments:

  • Gift the Hope Angel to anyone who can use some hope. (which is all of us right?!)
  • The Love Angel is for anyone who you want to know how loved they are!
  • The Gratitude Angel serves as a unique and genuine spin on a thank you card!

Each sold separately. When purchased online, style & sentiment will be selected at random.

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