Green Twister Coneflower, 1-Gallon


Echinacea Green Twister

Color: Green and Pink Shades
Height: 2-3 Feet
Spread: 18-24 Inches
Hardiness Zone: 3-8 

  • Attracts butterflies in large numbers
  • Hummingbirds thrive on the sweet nectar
  • Finches crave its seed in the fall
  • Long blooming, unique color, cut flower
  • Drought tolerant once established
  • Looks terrific when planted with native grasses

‘Green Twister’ has lemon-lime petals that transition to a light pink or carmine red near the center cone. A robust plant with strong stems to hold the flowers upright when they bloom in mid-summer to fall. Stems lengthen after the first year and make excellent cut flowers. This plant is a natural mutation of ‘Magnus’, it is not a hybrid and therefore overwinters better than many modern hybrids. Coneflowers are well known for attracting butterflies and other pollinators and the seeds are relished by birds in the autumn. Drought resistant once established and easy to grow in sun and light shade.

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