STIHL Hand Pruner PP 80

  • Blade Finish: Hard chrome-plated
  • Cutting Capacity: 1"
  • Blades can be Resharpened: Yes
  • Replaceable Blade: Yes
  • Blade Shape: Offset
  • Blade Lock Quick-Release: Yes
  • User Hand Size: LG./9.0"

If you have large hands, the PP 80 hand pruner from STIHL is like a well-tailored suit for your fingers. It features the same high-quality steel, non-slip handle and quick-release blade lock as our PP 70 hand pruner, but features a 1” longer handle for comfort, improved grip and a cutting capacity of up to .80”. No more hand strain from awkward holds. And like the PP 70, its chrome-plated blades can be re-sharpened, even replaced, improving the lifespan of your hand pruners.

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