HealthiStraw™ GardenStraw


Whether it’s a hobby, a passion or a lifestyle, gardening can provide a boost to your health and wellbeing in so many ways. It enhances your natural environment, contributes to healthier eating and food security and provides quality time outdoors. With so many benefits, we wanted to make gardening easier and more accessible so you spend less time maintaining, and more time enjoying your garden.

This all-natural biodegradable garden mulch has been specifically designed with the urban gardener in mind. Ideal for gardens, raised beds, containers & pots, planted with vegetables, herbs, fruit shrubs / trees and flowers. GardenStraw is made with 100% sustainably sourced wheat straw that conserves water, prevents weeds, improves soil health and protects your plants. GardenStraw reduces watering by up to 50%, prevents most weed seed from germinating, protects your plants from damage and improves the health of your soil.

Due to the nature of the wheat plant, not all wheat seeds are removed from the straw during harvest. We filter out most remaining seeds, however a few may sneak through and may sprout in your garden. Unlike grass and weeds, once the wheat seedling is removed it won’t regrow and you will continue to experience the benefits of GardenStraw.

3cu ft. bag covers 100 sq. ft. with a 2-3" thick layer (GS000057-E)

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