Jiffy 5" Round Biodegradable Peat Pots, 6 Pack

by Jiffy

Start your seeds in these completely biodegradable Jiffy peat pots!

Use biodegradable peat pots when gardening in order to reduce and/or prevent shock to your plants root systems when transplanting outdoors. Plant your seedlings and young plants, peat pot and all, anywhere in your garden once threat of final frost has passed.

Larger peat pots, such as these, are great for plants with larger, more complex root systems. Larger peat pots are also used for plants with longer maturation times.

Included: 6 x 5" Round Jiffy Peat Pots

Instructions: Place Jiffy pots onto watertight tray. Fill pots with sowing medium of your choice. Water thoroughly until pot walls are saturated. Plant seeds according to instructions on seed packet. To harden off, place in shade outside for several days, gradually increasing time spent outside each day. To transplant, plant "pot and all", making sure peat pot is completely covered by garden soil. Water thoroughly.

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