Joyful Dirt Organic All Purpose Superfood & Fertilizer (Makes 4 Gallons)


Organic, Eco-Friendly Plant Food For Healthier, Happier Plants.  Made In Portland, OR.

NPK: 9-1-5

Joyful Dirt All Purpose Plant Food is a concentrated, premium OMRI & OIM Organic Listed plant food and fertilizer for use in outdoor gardens and indoor houseplants. When used as directed, you will quickly see noticeably more vibrant, larger and long-living plants. No risk of burning or overuse. Contains Mycorrhizae and other nutrients to help plants thrive while using less water.


1.) Sprinkle directly around the plant base. Gently till in soil and water as normal.

2.) Mix 1 TBSP per 1/2 Gallon of Water. Once mixed, use solution immediately. This is a great time to feed multiple plants at one time! One 3.0 oz. shaker of Joyful Dirt translates to FOUR GALLONS of liquid fertilizer. Use once a month or as often as every watering for unhealthy plants

Derived from: soy protein hydrolysate, neem seed meal, porcine bone meal, mined birdseed guano, kelp extract.

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