Kids Color-Changing Sunglasses, Mermaid Lagoon

by Del Sol

Changes from Frosted Clear to Peach with Sunlight

These trendy sunglasses are perfect for playing in the sand, park or pool — which is just how your little one wants to spend time outside. All they want to do is enjoy the outdoors, and Mermaid Lagoon Solize™ provide just that, changing from frosted clear to peach with sun exposure. They’ll even change colors on a cloudy day, so you can gauge how strong the UV rays are by how drastic the color change is. We guarantee your little one will always have fun in the sun wearing these sunglasses.

  • Charcoal Polarized Pro™ lenses to block glare
  • 100% UVA/UVB protection
  • Frosted finish
  • Etched logo on lens
  • Use color change to know how strong the UV rays are for sun safety

      Experience Del Sol Color Change
      Much like a flower that blooms when exposed to sunlight, Del Sol's products change colors in the sun using their proprietary Spectrachrome® technology.

      Spectrachrome® molecules in the products shift to colors visible to the human eye when exposed to UV sunlight.

      Del Sol's Spectrachrome® formula for color change was developed from a concept originally researched by NASA for use in space.

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