Kurgo Swivel Tether, Seatbelt Tether for Dogs

by Kurgo

Car Rides are Exciting! We get it, dogs, but let's show a little decorum.

The Swivel Tether is Kurgo's strongest seatbelt tether, featuring a carabiner used by arborists. It’s been fully tested, and supports up to 4,500 pounds of force. If that’s not enough for your dog, examine him closely; he may be a horse. And in case your dog is not only strong and restless, but wily as well, the carabiner locks with a secure screw connection.  The swivel action prevents him from twisting the tether, no matter how active he is. Buckle the seatbelt normally, then attach looped end to seatbelt. Attach carabiner to dog's harness.

  • Strong, lightweight aluminum carabiner
  • Screw gate lock
  • Swivel action for tangle free mobility
  • Tether is 10"
  • Designed to prevent distracted driving. Not crash tested
  • Spot clean
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