Magic Coat Ultra-Light Flea Catcher Comb


Designed for optimal ease and precision, the Magic Coat Professional Series Ultra-Light Flea Catcher Comb effectively removes fleas, ticks, and eggs from the coat while loosening tangles and knots. The handle is designed with finger grips for no-slip, comfortable combing. Meanwhile, the tightly placed teeth effectively pick up pests for simple flea removal for dogs. Because of its light weight, this grooming tool is especially gentle on sensitive areas of a dog's body. The flea comb for dogs is ideal for all coat types!

  • No-slip design offers precise pest removal
  • Lightweight design is comfortable on delicate areas of dog's body
  • Handle includes finger grips for ultimate control
  • Extra-fine teeth easily remove pests in common areas including jaw, neck, and rear
  • Flea comb for dogs also loosens tangles and knots
  • Ideal for all coats
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