Master Rancher 70 Qt. Poly Muck Bucket with Handles

This giant bucket is most often used on the farm for cleaning and chores, but it is also great in the backyard to hold iced-down beverages for a party. Use as a wash bin or to hold water balloons, to catch tie-dye drips or other messes, as a trash bin or to collect recyclables. Use in the garage to store sporting equipment such as bats and balls, roller skates or skateboards. Put it in the mudroom to collect muddy outerwear in need of a wash. There are so many uses for this giant bucket with handles, you may want two.
  • 70 quart (17.5 gallon) capacity
  • Black polyethylene resin for strength & stability
  • Rope handles
  • 23.6" x 21.2" x 15.7" tall
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