Melnor QuickConnect™ Starter Kit- Plastic

by Melnor

Melnor’s QuickConnect system makes hose connections a snap. Get started easily with this kit, which includes one Product End Connector with Water Stop (Model 4MCQ) & one Product Adapter (1MCQ).

Product End Connector with Water Stop (4MCQ)
Attaches to male end of a garden hose for easy Quick Connect™ of watering products with product adapters.

Product Adapter (1MCQ)
Attach Melnor’s QuickConnect™ Product Adapters to your existing nozzles, sprinklers, or watering wands to makes hose connections a snap. Spray off the deck with a nozzle or swap it out for a sprinkler when it’s time to water the lawn. Get a QuickConnect™ product adapter for each of your favorite tools, so they are ready to go whenever you need them. Works with Melnor® 4MQC, Product Adapter with Water Stop feature. The Melnor’s QuickConnect™ Product Adapters adapts any watering tool with standard threads & works with 3/4, 5/8 and 1/2 inch garden hoses. One Melnor’s QuickConnect™ Product Adapter is required for each tool.

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