Milky Spore Granular Grub Control 15 Lbs.


Japanese Beetle grubs feed on the roots of your lawn & garden, causing potentially wide-spread damage. The adults feed on leaves in your garden and landscape, destroying otherwise healthy plants. Milky Spore offers a safe, all natural alternative to kills the grub stage of the Japanese Beetle. The granular formulation makes it easier than ever to protect your lawn & garden from Japanese Beetles. 

Easy to apply using spreader
• Cover the entire area uniformly – first treat the border of the lawn and then fill in the center
• Make parallel passes, walking at a steady pace to ensure even distribution of the granules

Safe for humans, pets and beneficial insects

• Lightly water lawn within 24 hours after application
• Do not mow the lawn until the granules are watered into the soil

Guaranteed to remain active in the soil for 10 years, may last up to 20 years!

Note: Must be applied for 2 consecutive years in the Spring, Summer and Fall (6 total applications) for long-lasting control.

15 lb. bag treats 5,250 sq. ft. one time.

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