Moonglow Pear Tree, 7-Gallon

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Pyrus X Moonglow

Height: 15-18 Feet
Spread: 10-12 Feet
Hardiness Zone: 5-8 

  • Disease resistant
  • Excellent producer
  • Ideal for fresh eating or canning
  • Matures from mid-August to mid-September

One of the best Pears for the home garden, 'Moonglow' is easy to grow due to its disease-resistant nature. It's also one of the best producers in the backyard orchard delivering basket upon basket of medium to large sized, dull yellow brushed pink fruit that features the least gritty white flesh of any Pear with a sweet, juicy taste that makes it ideal for fresh eating or canning. 'Moonglow' fruit matures from mid-August to mid-September and can be pollinated by any other non-Asian Pear. Dwarf, compact form.
Typically arrives in our nursery late March/early April.

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