Novelty 24" Plastic Flower Box Planter Liner, Assorted Colors

  • The perfect match for poly-pro and countryside flower boxes
  • 6.4 dry quart capacity
  • Lightweight, durable, fade-resistant poly-pro plastic, coded for recycling
  • Knockout plugs for drainage
  • Available in green or white
  • Dimensions: 24"x 8"x 5"
  • Made in the USA
Tips & Installation for Success Outdoors:
  • Poly-pro Flower Box Planters & Liners can be used as a standalone box or a liner inside another planter. Poly-Pro liners are commonly used as a liner for cedar or wooden planter boxes and wire hangers.
  • Novelty recommends using the knockout plug on the bottom of the planter for drainage. Or, add a medium such a perlite, small stones or clay pieces for added drainage.
  • Countryside Flower Box trays can be used in conjunction with Poly-Pro Planter & Liners.
  • Add enough medium density potting soil to cover the bottom and up to 1/3 of the container.
  • Add plants allowing enough space for them to grow, leaving a considerable amount of room between each plant.
  • Add soil to remaining empty pockets and fill the container, not quite to the rim, leaving about 1" free space from the top.
  • Water accordingly and often, especially in mid to late summer high-temperature months.
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