Novelty Countryside Tub 14" Plastic Patio Planter, Assorted Colors

Countryside Tubs are designed with classic lines to add beauty to your patio, porch, deck or garden bed. Each planter features a deep root zone, helping plants stay vibrant and healthy. 18 dry quart capacity. 14"x 14"x 13" Made in the USA. Available in white, chocolate brown, or terra-cotta color. Planting mix and flowers sold separately.

Tips & Installation for Success Outdoors:
  • Invert container and remove rubber stopper. For safekeeping, slip rubber stopper into top of container so you can locate it, and use the container come fall for bringing your outside plants in, extending the life of the plants.
  • Add enough medium density potting soil to cover the bottom and up to 1/3 of the container.
  • Add plants allowing enough space for them to grow, leaving a considerable amount of room between each plant.
  • Add soil to remaining empty pockets and fill the container, not quite to the rim, leaving about 1" free space from the top.
  • Water accordingly and often, especially in mid to late summer high-temperature months.
  • As always, for the protection and longevity of your containers, Novelty recommends moving your plants/containers indoors. Empty container of soil and residual water, clean and store; or reinsert rubber stopper for use indoors, enjoying your seasonal plants well into the fall.
Tips & Installation for Success Indoors:
  • Follow planting tips above except leave the rubber stoppers in the bottom of the planter. It is important to keep the rubber stopper in the bottom of the planter. Do not remove.
  • Adding small stones or clay pieces to the bottom of the container is recommended for better drainage.
  • Take care in watering your indoor plants. Do not overwater plants.
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