Nylabone "Stik-GO" Dog Fetch Toy - Large, Red


Did you know a dog's mind is like a young child’s? You simply need the right toys to unleash that imagination! Made from flexible material in an original stick-inspired shape, the versatile Stik-GO is designed to tap into your fur kid's creative potential. Whether you and your pup see a dog fetch toy, a lightning bolt, or even a tree branch that bounces, there’s no limit to what this interactive dog toy can be. Flip it, fetch it, carry it…the possibilities are amusingly endless! Remember: this play toy is not intended for chewing.

  • This Creative Play toy is for playtime fun, not chewing. Always supervise your dog and remove & replace the toy if it is damaged
  • Firm yet flexible, the Stik-GO offers a grippy, intriguing texture
  • Flip, fetch, or carry this captivating toy…it even floats!
  • Whether it's a dog fetch toy or a unicorn horn, the Stik-GO can become something new every day
  • Discover new ways to play together or with another fur kid!


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