Organocide Bee Safe Insect Killer 16 oz. Concentrate

Organocide® BEE SAFE Insect Killer, when used as directed as an organic bug spray or soil drench, is safe to use around beneficial or large insects such as bees, beetles, lady bugs & adult butterflies. A natural insecticide for plants, it kills the eggs, larvae, nymphs and adult stages of over 25 soft-bodied insects including (but not limited to) aphids, hemlock wooly adelgid, citrus rust mites, leafrollers, mealy bugs, scale insects, spider mites, thrips, whiteflies, and fungus gnats. 
  • OMRI Listed® insecticide
  • Dense natural oils suffocate insects by contact
  • Harvest Same Day
  • For Organic Gardening
  • No harmful neonicotinoids
  • No petroleum solvents

Active Ingredient:
Sesame Oil.............5.00%
Other Ingredients.....95.00%

FOR USE ON: Fruits, Vegetables, Flowers, Ornamentals, Trees and Shrubs

APPLICATION METHODS: Foliar Spray or Soil Drench

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