Original BioBricks 20-Pack


The Original BioBricks are an eco-friendly firewood alternative for wood stoves & fireplaces. Their uniform rectangular shape makes it easier to tightly pack a stove for a longer and more uniform burn.  When burned, one ton of BioBricks will give as much heat as a cord of seasoned firewood... without the mess of dust, dirt, bugs, & vermin.

  • 100% condensed wood. No chemicals or binders
  • Stores inside for more convenience
  • No mess, no insects, no mold
  • Less smoke, ash, and creosote than cordwood
  • Twice the density of cordwood
  • Great in fireplaces, campfires, & barbeques
  • Made in Connecticut

Available in: 20 wood bricks per pack (38 LB), 50 packs per pallet

Full pallet purchases must be picked up within the same business day. Multiple trips may be made, but we will not hold product overnight.


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