Our Pets Comfort Feeder Elevated Dog Feeder, Black

OurPets Comfort Pet Feeder is an elevated dog food bowl that improves your dog’s dining experience – it’s not your average dog food dish. Elevated dog bowls promote a healthy feeding position that aids digestion reduces stress on joints and bones, and eases the strain on your dog’s neck. This raised dog feeder has two high-quality, removable stainless steel bowls that are dishwasher-safe, making them easy to clean. OurPets elevated feeder also serves as a source constant water supply, use by removing one of the stainless steel bowls on the raised dog feeder and attaching any two liter water bottle.
  • Provides an economical, healthy, elevated solution for medium and large breed dogs
  • Provides ergonomically correct feeding for improved digestion and posture
  • Reduces stress on joints and provides comfortable feeding for elderly dogs or those suffering from bone and joint problems
  • Color- black with stainless steel bowls

2020010408, 2020010409

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