Papaya & Coconut Luxury 2-in-1 Dog & Cat Shampoo & Conditioner, 20 oz.

TropiClean Papaya & Coconut Luxury 2-in-1 Dog & Cat Shampoo & Conditioner cleanses, moisturizes and conditions your pet’s skin and coat. This luxurious dog wash helps relax tangled hair for easier brushing, leaving their coat soft and healthy. The sweet scent of papaya and coconut will leave them smelling fresh and ready for cuddles! TropiClean Pet Products are cruelty free.
  • Cleans & Conditions - This duo cleans the coat of dirt & debris, while conditioning or easy brushing
  • Moisturizes Dry Skin - Luxurious lather hydrates the skin and coat, leaving it soft and healthy
  • Eliminates Dog Smell - Refreshing scent of papaya & coconut
  • Softens the Coat- Papaya, kiwi, mango, yucca, chamomile, and aloe extracts leave the coat feeling silky soft
  • Tough on Dirt, Not Pets - Gentle coconut cleanser gives a soap-free clean
  • Won't Wash Away Topical Treatments
  • Paraben Free, Soap Free, Dye Free

Cruelty Free, Proudly Made in the USA

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